shop2WCW is a full service shop, offering a complete solution for all your motorcycle needs from routine maintenance to full road road prep. Some of WCW’s most common services include:

  • Tire Mounting & High Speed Balancing
  • Riding Season Prep & Inspection
    • Oil & Filter Change
    • DOT Fluid Change
    • Air Filter
    • Spark Plugs
    • Inspection of tires, chain & sprockets and brakes
    • Crucial nuts & bolts set to appropriate torque specs
  • Performance & Aftermarket Parts Installation
    • Exhausts
    • Clip-ons & Rearsets
    • Frame sliders
    • Steering Dampeners
  • And everything else to keep your motorcycle going!


suspension_bench2Suspension matters whether you ride the street or the track.  WCW can get your bike to perform better than you ever imagined; smoothing out your street ride or making it handle like it’s on rails at the track.

  • Baseline Setups
    • For both Street & Track
  • Competitive Suspension Tuning
  • Upgrades & Modifications
  • Maintenance & Servicing
    • Ohlins TTX, Older Models & Dampeners
    • All fork sizes and internals

Read more about why suspension is so important click here.

Track & Racing

trackday1Whether you are just looking to attend your first track day or a seasoned racer, WCW offers all the specific services to keep your motorcycle at peak performance and safety at the track.

  • Track Day Ready Prep
    • Let us know what organization you ride with and we’ll meet or exceed their tech requirements
  • Drill & Safety Wire
    • Common safety requirements to full racing approved wiring (CCS, WERA, AMA)
  • Race Bodywork Fitment & Installation
  • Engine Cover & Sliders Installation
  • Anything and everything else to get you to the track!

Ever wonder if you can get the WCW crew to join you in the paddock for even more precise suspension tuning and motorcycle knowledge? Now you can! Click here to find out how you can bring WCW with you to the track whether it’s for a race weekend or track day.

Dyno Tuning

dynoWCW offers an in house dyno and related services.  There is no better way to see the performance gains of your exhaust and other modifications than strapping it down to the dyno and seeing those numbers.

  • Installation & Tuning of Engine Management Systems
    • Power Commander & Bazzaz
  • Quickshifter Installation & Testing
  • Air/Fuel Optimization
  • Simple Horsepower Runs