WCW Customer Spotlight #1: Nick M.

The customers of WCW are what keep us in business (literally!) and every person who walks through our shop gets a unique and complete experience tailored just to them and their needs. You’re not just our customers, but our friends and fellow two wheel enthusiasts who are always welcome into our shop. It’s about time and with great pleasure we have decided to show off some of our customers and their passion for motorcycles. For our first of many customer spotlights, we talk to Nick M. who is a long time motorcyclist and an ever improving track day rider.

What is your Name?

Nick Mavrostomos

What motorcycle(s) do you own?

Triumph Daytona 955i

What is your motorcycle history?

I have been riding scooters, dirt bikes and street bikes since I was very young. I first rode as a kid in Greece in the summers on rented bikes and then progressed from there. I was hooked from like twelve years old. Later in college and early Chiropractic school I started racing cars doing time trials with EMRA and PDA. I flipped at Pocono raceway totaling my car ending the track, but it was something I always wanted to get back to at some point.

When/how did you find Washington Cycle Works?

I had gone to WCW after having my bikes front springs upgraded by a dealer and it rode horribly, Ron found spacers that were not equal lengths etc. I went for a suspension set-up and Ron and Sean made my bike a new machine once it was fixed and tailored for my weight properly.

Then about two years ago I decided to go to the track on my bike so I asked Ron to set the bike up with springs, valve kits and rear shock and went to the track. Since then we have modified the bike’s ECU and air box making it much more aggressive for the track. I really thank WCW for helping to educate me on my bike, setting up my suspension, dyno tuning and maintaining my bike so it would be safe for the track.

How has Washington Cycle Works helped you?

I joined TPM (a track day organization) last year and started riding track days at Pocono and NJMP. This year I was bumped up from beginner to Intermediate levels with TPM. It was a surprise bump up by a coach who had worked with me and saw me improve. WCW has helped me accomplish this by making my bike handle as best it could, making sure it was safe for the track with upgraded brakes and more.

What is your dream motorcycle?

My dream motorcycle at this time is probably the R1.

Most memorable motorcycling moment?

The most memorable motorcycle moment for me was getting moved up from beginner to intermediate levels at an NJMP track days, as it was a real surprise.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I appreciate everyone at WCW for your excellent work, attention to detail, and family atmosphere that is not found in many places. If it was not for WCW I probably would not have made it to the track, so many thanks for setting my bike up, and giving me the confidence to get out there.

Check out Nick below as he puts down some laps from one of his latest track day events at New Jersey Motorsports Thunderbolt, the track recently raced at by the professionals of the MotoAmerica series!